We build the digital framework

to make air cargo fly high

Our Mission

We have envisioned a place where air cargo stakeholders are connected and empowered to shape the future of the global supply chain. We are committed to that vision by designing tools which enhance air cargo workflows and allow people and businesses in the industry to shift seamlessly to a digital dynamic environment and anticipate the challenges ahead.

Building a Shared

To meet in a neutral working environment and speak the same language


To get business and operations done faster and efficiently

Supporting Growth through Innovation

To open a new world of opportunities for the air cargo industry

Our Team

We are experienced air cargo people on a mission to support the air cargo industry in its digital transformation and to make air cargo grow while amazingly connecting people and economies around the world. Our founding team and network of advisors share the same values of bravery and creativity as the true drivers of innovation firmly rooted at the core of our business culture.

Gianluca Modonese

Founder & CEO

Fabio Tantaro

Founder & COO

Umberto Giacobbi

Founder & CTO